Benefits of Korean ginseng proven through Oriental and Modern medical researches


Korea ginseng has a long history in olden medication, and stands a very important role. Through scientific studies, ginseng contains unique potency and credible benefits. Besides that, from the health carenpoint of view, Ginseng implies "prevention is better than cure", hence it is widely used by the world. In Oriental medical record, Ginseng prescription is being recorded in "Shang Han Lun" and "Jingyue Quan Shu".

Oriental medical studies

Korean ginseng plays an important role and gaining more attention in the international medical field. This is because superiority and benefits of it are gradually proven and certified in numerous international researches.

Modern medical studies

Immune system improvement
Enhances immunological function and anti-inflammation
Promotes insulin secretion and sensitivity
Blood pressure regulation
Enhances blood circulation and regulates blood pressure
종양의 확산 및 전이 예방
Brain function improvement
Improves spatial learning, memory and prevents dementia
Relieves stress, anxiety, and calms the mind
Anti-oxidants and reduces toxicity of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Anti-aging & Stamina enhancement
Anti-aging, energizing and treats male infertility