Categorized accordingly to cultivation environment

Cultivated ginseng

Field-cultivated ginseng, mostly shaped like a human figure.

Cultivated wild ginseng

Wild ginseng seeds is being scattered on the mountain

Wild ginseng

Grown naturally in the wild without any human influences.

Processing method

Fresh ginseng

Raw 4~6 years old ginseng with high water content.

White ginseng

The skin of 4~6-years-old fresh ginseng is peeled and dried under natural sunlight.

Red ginseng

Produced by repetitious steaming and drying of fresh ginseng.

Taeguk ginseng

The fresh ginseng is soaked in high temperatured water before drying.

Black ginseng

Produced by 9-times repetitious steaming and drying of fresh ginseng.

Curved ginseng

The rootlet of fresh ginseng is curved and dried.

Categorized accordingly to geographical location

Korean ginseng:

Ginseng cultivated in Korean peninsula.

American ginseng

Ginseng cultivated in America and Canada.


Ginseng cultivated in Yunnan and Guangxi, China.

Japanese ginseng

Ginseng cultivated in Japan.