Growing environment of Korean Ginseng

Favorable condition
South Korea geographical location
Favourable latitude for Korean Ginseng cultivation is between 34˚~38˚.
Latitude 33˚~38˚
Photosynthesis is the most active when the average temperature is around 25˚C.
South Korea average temperature is around 2˚C~28˚C
Soil condition
Suitable to be grown in soil acidity between pH 4~6.
Average soil acidity level is South Korea measures around pH 5.29
Rainfall amount
Annual rainfall amount is between 1300~1500mm.
Annual rainfall amount is 1479mm
Suitable to grown in the four seasons climate.
South Korea's distinct seasonal climate is the basic requirement for growing Korean ginseng.

Extremely favourable condition for the cultivation of Korean Ginseng in South Korea. South Korea is the only place in the world equipped with these conditions, therefore, South Korea is recognise as the number one producer of Korean ginseng internationally.