The 7 effect of Ginseng


Boost energy and stamina

It is effective when the physical strength is weakened due to the chronic and acute diseases. In other words, it restores fatigue and improves physical fitness.

Regulate and improve blood circulation

It helps the lungs and spleen function by improving blood production and to improves metabolism abnormality due to anemia, and smoothes hematopoiesis and blood circulation. It is effective in anemia, hypotension, and heart failure.

Calm nerves and mind

It relaxes the mind, stabilizes the nerves, and relieves mental anxiety caused by impaired blood circulation and cardiac function

Quench thirst(

Ginseng improves the function of the whole body by improving the lungs, spleen and stomach function deficiency, and acts to stimulate thirst by eliminating the body fluid needed by the body. It is effective for the treatment of diabetes.

Improve lungs and respiratory system

It can help improve symptoms like asthma and coughing due to weak lungs function. It is effective for pulmonary tuberculosis and asthma.

Strengthen digestive system

Helps protect and strengthening digestive system to help stop diarrhea and improves digestion function. It is good for gastrointestinal diseases, constipation, poor appetite and diarrhea.


It removes toxins in the body and improves the resistance to diseases that are likely to be caused by metabolic dysfunction, normalizes the function of the skin, and works effectively on tumors. In other words, it is effective for boils and skin diseases and softens the flesh.